We’ve been listening to our clients, and they’ve been telling us they don’t enjoy preparing their homes ready to sell, packing up the kids and pets, having to leave for showings, or holding open houses. So we partnered with an investor this winter that will now allow us to extend clients a cash offer on their property. They get to pick the closing date and don’t have to prepare their home for sale. 

Now we will be able to sit down with our clients and explain what it will be like if they sell traditionally, what it will be like if they want a cash offer. You tell us what makes the most sense for you. Then, whichever way they choose, we’ll represent them, and they’ll have a reliable partner in this process. Whether you’re a past client or not, we would love to help you with your real estate needs. 

If you’re considering selling this year or you just want to explore what a cash offer on your house might look like, contact us. Also, if you ever have any questions about real estate, please reach out by phone or email. We would be happy to speak with you.