Here’s why it’s better for you to work with an agent instead of a website.

Zillow has made some announcements in the last few weeks that all the ‘easy button’ type real estate sites such as Opendoor, Offerpad, and more have been moving toward in the last few years. They offer to sell your home without showings, provide cash offers, make moving easy, turn you into a cash buyer, etc. They offer all these things, but the truth is, real estate professionals can do all of that for you too.

The difference between agents and real estate websites is that there’s a conflict of interest with those companies because they’re buying your house from you. So you may get the same deal as with an agent, but probably not because each time you do business with these websites, they reap the benefits. As your real estate agent, we can sit down and go through all your options, and none of them change how much money we make, so we can help make the best decisions for you. However, what you choose to do with one of those sites does change how much money they get.

“There’s a conflict of interest every time you work with online real estate websites.”

If you’re considering selling but you don’t want to sell before you find a home to move into, you want a cash offer without any showings, or maybe want to keep the house as an investment property, we can help with all of that.

There are many different options out there. If you don’t have someone helping you make smart real estate decisions, give us a call or send an email. Also, contact us if you just have a question or two about the market or another real estate matter. We would love to help you.